or display by QR code

QR codes offer a fantastic marketing opportunity –  a free and really easy way to tell clients more about what you do.  They have so many applications, however how disappointing to scan a QR code and find something we cannot read, or worse still, a non mobile website that is out of date…On the other hand – with MYiFLi - how cool to be able to build a custom mobile page of relevant and attention grabbing information to sit behind your QR code, in just a few minutes! MYiFLi brings new opportunity for QR code use – the ability to create a custom mobile landing page to drive engagement and sales. Create a promotional flyer, a competition, an enquiry or feedback form – all branded under your business logo. Include images and calls to action, and encourage sharing on Facebook and twitter.

QR codes are growing in popularity and becoming more widely used. Approx 35% of smart phone users have scanned a QR code. Best results are when then user will receive a promotion or offer – so make it compelling.