Smart SMS

Traditional SMS Messaging


Text messaging is 10 times more effective than newspaper advertising and 5 times more than direct mail.

Why it works:

 -         Messages are only sent to those who opt-in, therefore                   good buy in

-          Messages are read immediately in most cases with a                   high reported read rate (97%)

-          Text messages offer good value, at a relatively low cost



         -          We cannot measure engagements

         -          There are no analytics to tell if the message has                                      generated any interest

         -          There is no ability to track which clients open the                                      message and which represent a good prospect

         -          You are limited to 160 characters

         -          Text does not support rich media –engaging images and                      video



Smart SMS Messaging – The difference


Unlike traditional SMS messaging, Smart SMS messages are tracked. By linking the message to a visually stimulating campaign page, we can tell how many people reacted to the message and who they were!

By personalising the message, we improve engagement and reduce annoyance and fraud fear factors.


We can run AB testing on a small subsection of the audience  to see which message evokes the best reaction and engagement.


Via the mobile campaign page we can capture information, run competitions, enclose coupons, and provide beautiful and enticing images of your product or service.




A Smart SMS contains a link to a campaign specific page or a traceable link to your own mobile web landing page. These, in turn, can contain calls to action such as call us, email us, join us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, etc.



Most importantly we can test and tell you if your message has been effective and if so who are the people who have reacted.