Who can use an iFLi

An iFLi gives you the opportunity to provide relevant and key information about you, your business, products or services. So really any business person can benefit from it.

There are a number of key opportunities for you to use this fantastic user friendly application.

1. Business Cards – include a QR code on your business card which leads to information about you and your business offer (your iFLi)  From casual or chance encounters, to structured Networking events and Trade Shows, what you enter in your iFLi could change the outcome of your meeting. Think of the times that we struggle to remember the details of the person behind the card, or when we fail to get our key points across in a quick meeting – include what is important in your iFLi. If your business or service can be portrayed by images, include some inspirational images of your work in your iFLi – images speak volumes and are remembered much more vividly.

2. Flyers – a great and cost effective way to promote your business, flyers continue to be an effective form of advertising. When you need to include more information, but space is at a premium, include a QR code to lead to more images – images are generally sharper and clearer when viewed on screen. Always LABEL your QR code – so that the reader knows what it will deliver – e.g. selection of of best sellers,  Landscaping Projects 2 years on, etc. Unfortunately, we come across some QR codes that open up standard format websites, or basic contact details – so it is really important that your audience is advised that YOUR QR code leads to mobile friendly and INTERESTING information!

3. Paper Advertising – Again when space is at a huge premium, get your key points accross in the ad and invite your audience to read more via your QR code leading to your iFLi – which should be campaign specific material – linked to the ad content. Your iFLi will always give links to other pages like your website and facebook page, so keep the actual iFLi content specific and relevant to the advert.  If  you are advertising cars for sale – it could show your top ten picks. If you are advertising a restaurant – it may be some images of the restaurant / food or a snapshot of the menu.

4. Text / SMS Marketing – with so many people now on smart phones, and huge growth in this area, why just send a few words when you can easily link to images. Images are retained 400% more than simple text, so you can really increase the efficacy of the message with a few simple images that reflect that message.  All iFLis are generated as a short url – so this will only use up the minimum amount of characters of your text message;  but think of all the extra detail that you can include on the page.