How do I create an iFLi?

An iFLi is a mobile flyer, a landing page, a micro mobile site. It works like this: you first create your profile – e.g. add your logo (if you have one), business or personal details – e.g.

telephone number, web address, facebook page, a picture of yourself – whatever.

These details are retained and can be used again.

Then you add any images that you would like to feature. Images can be uploaded easily in bulk if they are already in one folder – you simply select the folder contents and upload. After you have uploaded your images – you can give them a name and description – or leave them to speak for themselves.

Next – add any text sections that you need – this could be simply a piece about you or your business, or you can add multiple text sections in different blocks.  If you were creating a profile for a business card – it could be a broken into sections about (a) You (b) Your Role (c) The Business.

Once you have entered all information – and remember LESS is MORE, you can preview the appearance of  your iFLi by selecting different templates. The information will present differently depending which template you choose.

Once you find the template that you prefer (use the template  names to guide you to most suitable) – Select and Publish. You will be issued with your QR code and URL.