What is an iFLi?

An iFLi or mobile flyer is an instant mobile web page that YOU can create, that gives information about you, your business, products or service. It is read by QR code – and it has a unique short url or web address.

With the arrival of QR codes – we don’t need to associate each web page with a known or registered web address. By scanning the QR code, the page will open. There is no need to type a web address to find the target. But – as QR code readers are apps on our smart phones, the pages must be mobile friendly. And this is what iFLi allows you to do – create instant mobile friendly web pages, that are published automatically as a QR code and unique short URL.

So, whether its more detail you want to supply behind an ad that you are placing in a newspaper or magazine, or if its information that you want to supply on the back of a business card, or if you want to enhance text message marketing with some images – the iFLi is perfect.  Its easy, cost effective and fast.