Our Services

MYiFLi has can be used for multiple mobile marketing purposes. The objectives fall into 2 main categories:

(a) Lead Generation – where you are targeting an unknown audience, engaging relevant prospects and building your CRM. For example you can use our “Build a Form” module to create a competition, offer a coupon or run a vote. Prospects are invited to login via their preferred social media login OR can reply by email or SMS. In this case you would normally use a QR code to the ifli on printed matter or use location based text / SMS marketing with the page included as a short url.

(b) Target Marketing – where you are targeting your data base of known prospects via SMS, twitter or facebook – providing campaign specific and attention grabbing content  - with lots of calls to action to engage further and purchase. Here you use the short url in the message – which users can click and instantly access your one-touch calls to action