text, tweet or email the link

iFLi pages are perfect for target marketing.  They open on the correct information and can offer one click or touch calls to action.

We are limited in what we can say in a text message or tweet. More and more frequently, as the smart phone market explodes, we are seeing links to further information in these messages. It is unbelievable that  having attained our clients attention, we would link them to a non mobile friendly site, or a site where they have to search to find what is being promoted. All text / SMS messages are read on mobile phones, 40% of tweets and FaceBook access is from mobiles.

MYiFLi.com allows you to create instant mobile friendly pages to support your messages. It will take you 5 minutes of your time and they are extremely cost effective. All iFLis are published as a short url, using up the minimum amount of characters possible of your message.  An iFLi is about you, your brand, your product or service,