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This is a versatile, flexible and easy to use platform. You can start with simple multi-media flyers but you can also produce mobile forms for competitions, votes, feedback forms, and other interactive pages. All data submitted by the target audience is stored in the system and available as a CSV export file to your client. Help your client grow their  CRM by collecting contact details with competitions; Get feedback on training events; gather research to help improve product offering. Any type of mobile form can be created in minutes – and answers can be free text, or select from a bullet list. Our forms allow the inclusion of images, your logo and social media sharing icons. And of course we are happy to create the form for you – email your requirements to

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Our latest offer is to provide a “disposable” ecommerce module – so that your clients with very little expense can target offers to their client base, securing payments and bookings using our BUY NOW option.

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