mobile flyers in minutes!

Now YOU can create mobile flyers to promote your business. All our pages work for mobile and standard resolutions screens. Each page is available as short url to target market via text message and email – and by QR code. It will take you approx 5 mins to create an iFLi – your mobile flyer

Each mobile flyer contains links to your website, direct touch dialing, and links to any other site or social media location that you wish.  An iFLi is an “attention grabber” designed to get the clients attention by  immediately displaying key images while reinforcing your branding. There are one click “calls to action” placed at the top and end of the page, to encourage client to call you, link to your website, and viral market by posting the link to their FaceBook wall.

We all know that images can sell much more effectively that plain text, so if you are already marketing by SMS / text / email / Twitter, you can quadruple the efficacy of these messages by having your own visual mobile flyer linked in the message.

Why just “Tell” when you can “Show and Tell”   

Which message below would you remember???

This??                                                                                  Or this??