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QR Codes – Bridging Offline and Online Media

Apparently around for 18 years (Japan and Korea), they have been rather shy about coming out here in Ireland, and its only in the past year to 18 months that we spot an odd QR code here and there. Not blaming the technology of QR codes for this – it’s only in the past few years that we have the ability to read them readily with smart phone growth.  However, the way that I do see them used is disappointing – there are  a few basic rules that should be adhered to – 1. Make them readable – mobile friendly pages, and relevant / interesting 2. Label them – tell people what they will see if they scan 3. Put them in logical places not illogical places…

This is a good summary http://www.hswsolutions.com/services/mobile-web-development/qr-code-marketing/ of uses and applications, the do’s and the dont’s

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