engagement and sharing..

All our mobile pages and campaigns have the option of including social media sharing – Watch your event or product get attention, with likes, shares, tweets and pins.  Start with your own CRM – engage and stimulate your customers and they will expose your promotion to a much wider audience. From texts…to engagement…to sharing…to endorsement.  Along the way, entice new prospects to engage also.  We can also add the ability to track and reward shares – where we capture details on those how have shared and can reward them for their sharing!

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Sharing and Engagement….


An iFLi should always be about new or current information, and when used for consumer marketing it can be used to introduce new products, new ideas, offers and promotions.

Create an iFLi to introduce examples of new season stock with text messages, or tweet about new designs using an iFLi product catalogue.  If you are already texting clients about new season arrivals or offers, then it makes perfect sense to include a link to more visual information – stimulate the buying emotions, get customers thinking, make taste buds water.

We process images more easily than text…a picture’s worth a thousand words…Images stimulate us more and are retained by us for longer. If your product or service can be presented better using images, then make the message as visual as possible.

An image or selection of images can inspire us into action: from interior design to beauty treatments, Hair Styles to Leisure Breaks – we can identify better with images. Its also a great way to offer new ideas and to educate your clients. Include some editorial with your images to tell the client about new trends for the seasons, your projects, and what inspires you.

Good images can be expensive, so make the most of those images by including them with any targeted campaigns and promotions.